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Albanian Dictionary

The mythology of greek it isn’t greeks but is Yllirian – Albanian, all the names and words have sense only in Albanian dialectic language. Informed your self take an Albanian dictionary and the Iliad in original language like Homer write it, comparate the worlds by your self.When Homer was born, the Greeks had just recently learned how to use the alphabet from the Phoenicians. Homer lived around 700 BC, in the Archaic period in Greece. No one knows where in Greece he lived exactly, and Homer didn’t make up these stories, or even the words, himself. The Greeks lived in a lot of little city-states they do not have a nation and in the Bronze Age each one had in its own city a king. Before the Trojan war there is no indication of helens. Greeks were invited by pelasgians in their cities Zeus” survives as “Zot”=GOD in the Albanian language and it’s mean “VOICE”. The invocation of his name is the common form of oath among the modern Albanians. “Athena” ( the Latin Minerva), the goddess of wisdom as expressed in speech, would evidently owe its derivation to the Albanian “E Thena,” which simply means “speech. ” “Thetis,” the goddess of waters and seas, would seem to be but Albanian “Deti” which means “sea. ” – The word “Ulysses,”whether in its Latin or Greek form “Odysseus,” means “traveler” in the Albanian language, according as the word “udhe,”(udhetues) which stands for “route” and “traveler,” is written with “d” or “l,” both forms being in use in Albanian. Even the name GREEK isn’t greek. Romans added their latin suffix -ci making it Graeci. Well, in Pelasgian mythology “Graia” or “Graes” were three old ladies sisters of the monsters named Gorgon and you can grab any mythology book and read their story. In Albanian language “Gra” means exactly that, “Old Ladies”. Singular “Grua/Gruaja” and plural “Gra”. According to mythology Illyrios was the child of Cadmus & Harmonia. And Cadmus was the son of Agenor who was a greek hero. So all old greeks were pelasgians. So the old helen only by languge different from other pellasgians(illyrians, epiriots, macedonians). They rapresent only a partial culture of a big nation. The question is:”what are the new greeks”? The Y-Chromosome Haplogroup Frequency- The Today Greek CHART Population hg1 hg2 hg3 hg4 hg7 hg8 hg9 hg10 hg12 hg13 hg16 hg21 hg22 hg26 hg28 Greek 11 22 8 0 0 0 28 0 0 0 0 28 0 3 0 POPULATION DNA DISTANCE FROM Greeks: 1 Cypriot 8 -2 Turkish 21- 3 Ashkenazi Jews 23-4 Sephardic Jews 24-5 Romanian 26 -6 Muslim Kurds 26-7 Bulgarian 29-8 Armenian 30 -9 Kurdish Jews 32 – today greek blood and DNA: The genotype and allele frequencies of the 9. 1-kb polymorphism in 1,844 unrelated healthy donors from Mediterranean populations living in 26 different geographic locations. The frequency of the 9. 1 kb + allele is remarkably uniform and less than 0. 50 across the different populations living in North Africa and Greece and ranges from 0. 44 (Casablanca) to 0. 49 (Athens).. More important element in the population of Greece is formed by the Albanians (ca. 240 000), named Arvanitae (Arnaouts) by the Greeks, while they name themselves Skyptars’ Karl Baedeker Greece: ‘Handbook for Travelers’ in 1909 in Homer’s Iliad, and Odyssey, whilst the aristocrats such as Achilles and Menelaus have blond hair, the slaves Eurybates and Thersites are brunet. Indeed, the Greek orator Dio of Prusa noted that the Greek ideal of beauty was a Nordic one. The Greeks, he said, admired the blond Achilles, but thought that the barbarian Trojan Hector, was black-haired. [Günther (1956). ] The poet Bacchylides said that the women of Sparta were blonde, and Dicaearchus said much the same thing about the women of Thebes. [Günther (1956). ] For the Greeks, the most beautiful woman who ever lived, Helen, was a blonde, as were those mythical men such as Adonis, who were famed for their handsomeness. [Sieglin (1935). ] The Albanian population structure is analyzed based on the allele frequencies of six classic genetic markers: ACP, GC, PGM1, AK, ADA, and 6PGD. The results show a significant heterogeneity between the Albanian population: the frequencies of some alleles, particularly those of the PGM*1W31 variant, and the analysis of the R matrix still show the actual peculiar genetic structure of the Albanians. Albania = 75% Dinaric, 10% West Mediterranean, 10% Alpine, 5% Noric = 5% periphery Nordish. Rif: An oft-quoted passage from the 4th c. AD Jewish writer Adamantius Judaeus is used to prove that the original Greeks were tall, pale, blond and light-eyed, not dark like they are today. Argonautica, the Greek poet Apollonius Rhodius, describes the hero Jason, and all fifty of the Argonauts, as blond-haired. [Sieglin (1935). ] When the heroine Electra, in Euripides’ play of that name, finds a lock of her brother Orestes’ hair, on the grave of their father Agamemnon, she can tell that it is his hair, because of its distinctive blond colour. It would appear that the nobility of ancient Greece was distinguished from the dark masses, by its many blond members. [Ridgeway (1909). Pelasgians" is the name generally given by ancient writers to the peoples before the Hellenes. According to both Herodotus and Thucyclides, Pelasgians formed the largest element of the early population of Greece and the Aegean, and most of them were gradually assimilated by the Hellenes. Herodotus saw this transformation as following the invasion by Danaos (the Egyptian). The idea that the Pelasgians were the native population, converted to something more "Greek" by the invading Egyptians, also occurs in the plays of Aischylos and Euripides, written around the same time as Herodotus' Histories All over the world nationalist system changed textbooks and rewrote history which is of course reflected and then defended by the former students of the given system. This is how most of human history operates. In Homer's Iliad, and Odyssey, whilst the aristocrats such as Achilles and Menelaus have blond hair, the slaves Eurybates and Thersites are brunet. Indeed, the Greek orator Dio of Prusa noted that the Greek ideal of beauty was a Nordic one. The Greeks, he said, admired the blond Achilles, but thought that the barbarian Trojan Hector, was black-haired. [Günther (1956). ] The poet Bacchylides said that the women of Sparta were blonde, and Dicaearchus said much the same thing about the women of Thebes. [Günther (1956). ] For the Greeks, the most beautiful woman who ever lived, Helen, was a blonde, as were those mythical men such as Adonis, who were famed for their handsomeness. [Sieglin (1935). ] centiry AD,Jewish physician and sophist Adamantios, described the “true Greek” thus:Wherever the Hellenic &Ionic race has been kept pure,we see proper tall men of fairly broad and straight build, neatly made, of fairly light skin & blond;the flesh is rather firm, the limbs straight,the extremities well made. The head is middle size,& moves very easily;the neck is strong soft hair & little curly;the face is rectangular,lips narrow,nose straight,the eyes bright &full of light Greek and Armenian Languages are related to each other. “Re” is the Greek (Yassou re Tikanis re)equivalent of Eastern Armenian “Ara” or “Apeh”. “Parea” means “good company “Para” in Russian means “a couple, friend”. In Armenian “Barev” or “Parev” mean “Good day.= greating This is prove that the Greek Russian, & the Armenian languages belong to the same family. There is no “re” word in Ancient Greek. In ancient Greek, “thing” is “pragma-πράγμα”. “Phile” is the third person of the Singular grammatical form and it means nothing else than “friend”. Love is “agape-αγάπη” and sometimes “Eros-¨Ερως”. “Kiss” SB is not “Phile” it is Phili-Φιλί. In ancient Greek it was “Aspasmos-Ασπασμός”. This is my DNA examination done in this intitution www. Genetree. Com/index. Php , and i’m an Albanian born in the old city of Apollonia (Fier today). Eu4 10%-Greco/Cretan-Phoenician Eu7 50% -pelasg-Illyrian-Germanic Eu18 40% – Roman/Latin & Euro-Celtic . David. I’m blond, white, blue eyes and 1. 90 high and I am an Albanian like all my descendants. I belive only in my DNA examinations that I have done. With Respect. Alexrose: Y-Chromosome Haplogroup Frequency (DNA) : Slavs Population CHART Population: hg1 hg2 hg3 hg4 hg7 hg8 hg9 hg10 hg12 hg13 hg16 hg21 hg22 hg26 hg28 Slavs:11 49 16 0 0 0 8 0 2 0 0 13 0 10 Distance populations from Slavs Population:Bulgarian 12 – Georgian 23- Ukranian 23 – Belarusian 28- Romanian 29- Pakistani Kalash 30 -Sardinian 30 – Hungarian 30- Indian Uttar Pradesh Chamars 32 Do your DNA examinations then you can talk. Alexrose: , Slavs (russian,serbians,yugoslavian) came to Macedonia after the fall of Alexander the great in 6 century AD. Persians named Macedonians: Greeks with hats (to signify a difference). Epirots along with the Macedonians were named barbarians (to signify that they were not Greek): were regarded by many Greeks as “foreigners” or even “barbarians”. (Britannica, Wilcken, Friedell, Abel, Hammond). That assumption seems to be in agreement with Herodotus’ theories regarding the Doric origin of Macednoi, as well as the 5th century Persian characterisation “Yauna Takabara” (Greeks wearing hats). Greeks didn’t want king Alexander I to participate in the Olympics because his “Greekness” was debated. The link below, you’ll see reference of the ancient name “Chaonians,” which relates to the “Cham” Albanians in Greece and Chameria is A NAME ONLY USED BY ALBANIANS. The Greek dance “Tsamiko” comes from this name to mean “Albanian Style” alexrose: Give me the references. In which book you have read those things? My references:Günther, H. F. K. [G. C. Wheeler, trans. ] (1927) The Racial Elements of European History (London: Methuen). Günther, H. F. K. (1928) Platon als Hüter des Lebens: Platons Zucht- und Erziehungsgedanken und deren Bedeutung für die Gegenwart (Munich: J. F. Lehmanns Verlag). Günther, H. F. K. (1929a) Rassengeschichte des hellenischen und des römischen Volkes: Mit einem Anhang — Hellenische und römische Köpfe nordischer Rasse (Munich: J. F. Lehmanns Verlag). Günther, H. F. K. (1929b) Rassenkunde Europas: Mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Rassengeschichte der Hauptvölker indogermanischer Sprache (Munich: J. F. Lehmanns Verlag). Günther, H. F. K. (1956) Lebensgeschichte des hellenischen Volkes (Pähl: Verlag Hohe Warte). Jax, K. (1933) Die weibliche Schönheit in der griechischen Dichtung Innsbruck: Universitäts Verlag Wagner. Myres, J. L. 1930 Who Were the Greeks? Berkeley: University of California alexrose: You wrong about Macedonia . To begin with, the original name of Macedonia was ‘Emathia’ which in Albanian means the ‘Great Land’ hence the appellation ‘Alexander the Great’. (The same was true with Constantine the Great and Justinian the Great, all originating from the general area of Macedonia. . Sometimes the area was more inclusive during the Roman times). The extensive diplomacy between Alexander and the Illyrians only suggests that Alexander was an Albanian himself. When looking at a map of his advances, oddly enough Illirium and Northern Greece is not touched by his armies. Yet, the Illyrian and Northern Greek tribes did not have armies capable of facing the Great Alexander. But Alexander considered them as one, they were all Albanian. Alexander could not possibly conquer his own land. As stated in the Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia, “the Slavs, occupied much of the area [Balkans] by the 6th century AD”, so it cannot be possible for the now largely Slavic Macedonia to be a descendant from Alexander the Great. Slavic tribes did not come into the region of Northern Greece until well after Alexander’s death, which leaves only one people left, the Albanians. Albanian tribes are the earliest known to occupy northern Greece. Axelrose: The name Albania is given to us (Shqiptars) from the Romans because in Latin language ALBA = SUNRISE (THE SUN SUNRISE FROM THE EAST) . We call our self SHQIPETAR not Albanians, and SHQIPE in our language means EAGLE , SHQIPERIA means THE LAND OF EAGLES.. The Caspian sea Albanians don’t have nothing in common with us Shqipetari.. . About Macedonia have a look to Demographic history of Macedonia and tell me what are they. . A mix of populations with no sense to be a country.. “is generally recognized today that the Albanians are the most ancient race in southesatern Europe. All indications point to the fact that they are descendants of the earliest Aryan immigrants who were represented in historical times by the kindred Illyrians, Macedonians and Epirots. According to the opinion of most ethnologists and linguists, the Illyrians formed the core of pre-Hellenic, Tyrrhenopelasgian population, which inhabited the southern portion of the Peninsula and extended its limits to Thrace and Italy. The Illyrians were also Pelasgians, but in a wider sense. Moreover it is believed that of these cognate races, which are described by the ancient Greek writers as “barbarous” and “non-Hellenic,” the Illyrians were the progenitors of the Ghegs, or Northern Albanians, and the Epirots the progenitors of the Tosks, or Southern Albanians. . ” ” As a consequence, from the 8th to the 11th century, the name Illyria gradually gave way to the name, first mentioned in the 2nd century AD by the geographer Ptolemy of Alexandria (the macedonian, close friend and the general of Alexander) of the Albanoi tribe, which inhabited what is now central Albania. From a single tribe the name spread to include the rest of the country as Arbri and, finally, Albania. The genesis of Albanian nationality apparently occurred at this time as the Albanian people became aware that they shared a common territory, name, language, and cultural heritage. ” FOR be good: I am atheist and I do not belive in any STUPID GOD AND IDIOT RELIGIONS, like are ATHEISTS the 90% of all albanian people. For the rest of what you have writin I think that you have problems with your identity not with albanians. Albanians never invaded areas of other countries, Albania always fought for survival and always had land stolen by upstart and usurpers nations such the Serbs, Greeks, and Bullgarians. To invade others land don’t give you the right to pretend that them are yours. Peace and Love. Well, I have your answer right here. The ancient Illyrians had a rich culture and were the oldest people in the Balkans. The modern Albanian language is derived from the Illyrian langugae the Albanian language has no living relatives in the world. Meaning we(Albanian speakers) are the only descendants of the ancient Illyrians, whom never had a strong written tradition and most of their history has been passed down orally from generation to generation. As I once read Rose Lane Wilder’s “Peaks of Shala” she recalls a conversation she had with an old man of the mountains in Northern Albania, whom had preserved this oral history from several generations, he says: “Greeks were a strange people, they came with their boats, they liked to sit around all day and write things, they recited what they wrote to one another, there ways were not like that our mountain men, they spoke a different language and some of our people came down from the mountains and joined them in their ways, and soon they forgot their children forgot our language and became Greeks. ” So from what I have gather through my many years and many readings, I’ve concluded that the Greek written language become dominant and everyone that learned it basically named him self a Greek and when the Albanian culture and language begun retrieving a lot of their history back, a lot of their hero’s back, by this time a lot were lost forever in the hundreds of years of headstart that that the Greek culture had over the Albanians. The old man I mention above in that particular book also mentions of Alexander The Great’s lineage and his twenty forefathers all by name and he tells of another capitol of his empire in present day Mati region of Albania additionally to Pale, named IMADHIA. Makes you wonder why the Greeks are so insecure with the entire Macedonia state and their fiction ad invented history.

  • Depressed
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    All countries might be followed returning to other ethnicities, and all countries have borrowed and elevated the ideas of other civilizations. Can you have anticipated the Greeks for being any different than any other early way of life?

  • Tiger Masterson
    12:44 pm on January 28th, 2013 2

    One does have an understanding of You are communicating filler, simply because speakers advise that modern day Albanian vocabulary is a blend of Ancient greek, Latina, Chinese, Turkish and Serbian. Visit any considerable College web site, and You will know that out. As to Albanian beginning, You state they are Dardanians, Ilirians or whichever fits Your own governmental pursuits. Because people tribes (places) transferred from cultural arena 600 decades have passed. Think You’re looking to inform us You used to be browsing any garage for Romans, Tatars, then Serbs to pass through, so it`s harmless to be sold? With All Your natality rate, had you been that old nation, there’d be billion individual, like Far east. Heya, here`s a thought! Got word of Asian Goths? Maybe You`re their descendants along with Ilirian, to ensure gives You historical straight to lay claim part of Australia! What about that?

  • Terry X1
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  • Mandy Eaddy
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    The person who you will be? You have the symptoms of all displaced your marbles and that we still some.

  • Ursula Richards
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    That is the little such as copper tea pot calling the pan dark colored ar-zed don’t you think?

    You may have a couple of alternatives listed here

    1. Albanians are direct enfant of the Illyrian tribe which had been known as InAlbanoi

    2. Albanian derives originating from a vernacular with the now-died out Thracian terminology

    3. the majority of the Illyrians ended up being overcame andVersus or consumed with the invading Slavic tribes right after don’t forget national the Roman Country

    The perception of Illyrian as centum expressions took it’s origin from evaluation of Venetic words in south Tuscany which scholars thought was relevant to Illyrian expressions.

    Individuals who support the Illyrian-Albanian continuity basic principle keep that most Illyrian tribes, except for the Albanians, ended up being consumed or powered southwards into Albania and Greece noisy . Ancient following swells of switching barbarians.

    The Illyrians ended up Indo-Euro tribesmen who showed up inside western portion of the Balkan Peninsula about 1000 T. D. , a period of time coinciding with no more the Bronze Age and addition of the Iron Time. They lived on high of the vicinity for a minimum of our next one hundred year. Archaeologists affiliate the Illyrians with the Hallstatt traditions, an Golf club Era men and women renowned for creation of flat iron, brown swords with winged-formed addresses, and domestication of horses. The Illyrians filled areas advancing in the Danube, Sava, and Morava streams to the Adriatic Beach and the Sar Mountains. At several moments, categories of Illyrians, including the Messapians and Iapyges, modeled to Tuscany as a result of equally overland avenues and also the marine.

    Albanians had been actually an extension from the southeast Illyrian lenders. Electrical systems compared to other areas, the coastal hinterland regarding the Narenta as well as Drilon was populated by a number of scaled-down tribes, a lot of whom dropped their secret information in the very last levels of Roman vocation.

    Its unlikely that a compact off-road nation stock trading using the Greeks, would have provided them thier total lifestyle. They certainly might have led a bit into your Traditional culture, and quite a few asorbed quite a bit again from your substantial Ancient greek Country. Greece on its own was asorbing all its large business, as well as electrifying. Record is actually a two-way block, bit by bit produced a proven way by writers at some future date.

    Naturally traditional record will probably be relatively biased, however they are basically telling that it is a a method avenue from the cultural point of view. It really is a far from the truth and you also comprehend it, or you will not should ramble on because there are many silly further paperwork to attempt to help this ridacalous disagreement from collapsing by reviewing the bad cornerstone in reality.

    Obviously the brand GREEK is not language of ancient greece (Helenes ελληνικά) its latin, we were looking at overcame by Rome, just as the Albanians. The fact is our word Albanian comes from the second centuries British columbia, the History around the globe written by Polybius, a Ancient greek language historian. You contact your self Shqiptarët!

    Greek was written in the Traditional alphabet (the first to present vowels) since 9th one hundred year Before christ in Portugal (ahead of that in Straight line T), and also the fourth one hundred year Before christ in Malta (in advance of that in Cypriot syllabary). Ancient reading has a continuing reputation practically 3200 many years.

  • TuffGirl Durham
    12:51 pm on January 28th, 2013 6

    Remorseful, there is no link between Albanians and Ilirs – there are additional than 1000 decades range between the two.

    Modern Albanians are near to Kurds, satisfied in the Balkans from Ottoman sultans as servants.

  • Sunna Dree
    12:51 pm on January 28th, 2013 7

    Shiptars are classified as the earth’s greatest thiefs. They haven’t realized the lessons people mongoloids entering our hallowed Christian gets. Rather than throwing them to Albanian we ought to have arranged all of them with our toss forks not less than we’d have removed our much loved Kosovo away from the nuisance islamic weeds. We should make water and soap advisors. We have a very good workforce constantly in place us, the Greeks, the gypsies, and Spain we’re also the new planet leaders.

    Albanians are not able to metal our history

  • Paulina Robot
    3:45 pm on January 28th, 2013 8

    Hey! The Greeks never have “taken” the way of life of the people today. They’ve just based their many about them, like various other locations in the course of track record. They “coppiedInches the elements they appreciated and used them in a resourceful way, growing a fresh tradition.

  • Rachel Eaddy465
    3:51 pm on January 28th, 2013 9

    Nationalities have thieved from one since dawn of their time. Why ? Because they can. Do you tune in to Mozart ? Watch Movie shows ?

    Anything societal owed to individual form, is assigned to all man kind. Get over it.

  • Marcalo Terrence803
    5:46 pm on January 28th, 2013 10

    Fantastic Reality right here, the Illyrians (to whom newest albanians go down from) arrived at the Balkan space in about 1200BC. We were looking at right at that moment several extreme barbarian tribes, whichever company acquired during that time no civilisation and can not write!

    They obligated out of Hellenic Phrygians and Thracians from the area.

    You will be inappropriate about Hellenic various and way of life. The primary kinds of HellenicVersusLanguage of ancient greece works return to close to 1500BC, and Mycenean and Minnoan civilisation, further nevertheless.

    In actual fact, Traditional Mythology and Faith owes additional to Historical Mesopotamia. The greeks wrre intensely affected by balance mature and even more highly effective, sophisticated and civilised mesopotamians(Assyrians & Babylonians), in order to less stage the Hittites.

    I’m guessing that you are Albanian, you’ll want to be like to show off your culture, naturally we all really should. But however the Illyrians provided not even attempt to historical history. They can’t produce, just weren’t innovative in scientific discipline, treatment, astronomy, mathematics, agriculture and many others.

    Long dwell Assyria, the most well-known residing battle on earth!

    NB, For the people SLAVIC people today writing on below, you will be also improper, Slavs basically could not Appear in track record during the time the Illyrians displaced the Hellenic, and hellenized peoples with the the southern area of Balkans in around 1200BC. Slavic Published record is not going to get back that significantly really.

    NB, The oldest individuals South East The european union, until recently are classified as the greeks.

    The very first Aryan various written down ended up being HITTITE and LUWIAN, modern day ARMENIAN, is nearest to the earliest Aryan languages created, and actually earlier ARYANS, most likely appeared to be modern-day Armenians.

  • Ursula Dree
    5:58 pm on January 28th, 2013 11

    All quite interesting, but civilisations constantly often acquire (Inchesswipe&quot the best of other civilisations and then make it their unique. Our traditional western civilisation has borrowed language, lifestyle, Geonomics, from all kinds of other sources. And we’re the thicker for doing it.

  • Jasmine Jeffs842
    5:59 pm on January 28th, 2013 12

    I do think you have it all confusing , prior to the illrian invasions the majority of Albania was filled by way of the Thracian’s and because Illrians Thracian’s Greeks all spoke practically exactly the same dialect a type of Indo American, that Albania was conquered from the Greeks , it’s seldom amazing there cultures , mythology , Gods , background, are interweaved . It is extremely sometime ago that nobody could notify which affected which

  • Sunna Hall868
    6:58 pm on January 28th, 2013 13

    I am always keeping my temperament you understand. Ylirians anyone now are named Albanians accustomed to reside through south Heperus and were being generally sheppards. Pelasgeans do not have anything to do with Ylirians, they were located in Peloponesus. Hellenes had been those whoever chatted the Ancient greek language terminology or its diallects visualize that Spartans and Atheneans got various accents so performed Macedonians. All labels of the steroids gods and the bands in the personalities of Illiad Troyans and Achaioi and Hepeirots and Macedonians subsequently their own personal etymology inside the Ancient greek terminology for they usually called their selves as Hellenes Greeks in Roman expressions. In truth even your Excellent prophet Mohamed in the koran states Alexander was Greek. Ylirians ended up a tribe that Greeks trained the way to live as civilised individuals in fact it is pretty judgement to get the identical gods while using Ancient. Straightforward Phoenician Abc it is best to inquire youself how is it feasible each of the amazing works on the historical earth to get Language of ancient greece and Cotton but the abc to generally be phoenician. Obviously you recognize that and yourself know that the Slavs whoever reside in Fyrom got many thousands of years after which the Greeks in the area. Moreover, you may know that the majority of the people with the Virus warfare were kin even though they ended up being fighting against each other. It is just a pity for you personally along with some Albanians some thing so nationalist against Greece that’s supplying career to lots of Albanians and in that heartbreaking fantastic propaganda, but that’s all right many of the globe carries a mind and contains realized how you will react, exactly do in Kossovo, do you find it an Albanian term to, I’d be glad to study you etymology on the text. The thing have not realized but essentially are only a unit and someday you’ll end be considered a handy one particular.

  • Paulina Burbank613
    10:15 pm on January 28th, 2013 14

    Is that this a subject!!!! How vast do you desire to be? do you really want me to post an essay reacting? I misplaced the drive to move deeper with your facts if you inaccuratley express Great hit! In terms of you seem to be recommending and proper me should i be wrong Great hit Composed the Iliad. . . . . . . Great hit was in fact part of Greek Dental History, he would be a poet that have memorised and recounted this account time and again as part of his life-time other poets would discover it and move it down additional. He under no circumstances really desired the alphabete. It had become only later who’s got down on paper and a level the place these days and also a guaranteed how much of the poetry is Homer’s or later add-ons or evolved through interpretation and spinner. How old they are only expected that Great hit existed at 700 BC which thereofre will make it not easy to url in developments with technologies such as the alphabete together with his time while there is no very clear defined times. Also this spoils your entire point that Albanian was the alphabete he had written in. Homer’s Iliad is not a comprised account. . . . true, though the simple fact in the narrative is emblazioned with exageration, brave reports and the gods and sorts a massive part of language of ancient greece mythology and tradition. Therefore your only significant stage is the fact that Greeks had written it in Albanian and then the greeks never ever built it and rather it had been ripped off being a book from a different lifestyle I might certainly be thinking about finding this glorious ninth g BCE prepared consideration. Whatever assume you could have found is often a interpretation.

    Your upcoming level about there remaining no good reputation for the Hellenes prior to the virus battle and they also only invited by Pelasgians to the struggle appears to be extremely eronious and incorrect and thus imagine if they’d exactly what does this confirm except for that they had allies. Exactly what are your places due to this point. ? Also all over again have to ask what exactly do you suggest by hellenes will you necessarily mean the ancient greek language area expresses overall or even a distinct district? The city suggests also never ever even at there maximum formed a ancient region neither are they going to realize the thought of nationality maybe kin is much more apprpiate. In other words exactly what is the question where do you think you’re methods?

    The following stage about expressions is likewise junk plenty of different languages have a very starting who is to talk about the complete opposite will not be legitimate whilst your belove albanians produced their words from the Greeks. Your hyperlinks are very tenuos and need in reverse! In addition, you are most often acquiring a traditional terminology of Ancient greek language and assessing it towards a sophisticated among Albanian that has obtained numerous years of progression and connections with the earth?

    Material naswer you have dilemma inside your excess points here ‘According to mythology Illyrios was the kid of Cadmus & Harmonia. And Cadmus was the son of Agenor who was simply a ancient greek language good guy! So that all older greeks ended up pelasgians. And so the older sally only by languge not the same as other pellasgians(illyrians, epiriots, macedonians). They rapresent merely a limited tradition of a big nation. Now you ask:”exactly what are the brand new greeks”?”

    You propose that the Greeks on one side are thieving the Pelasgians tradition still alternatively you’re stating the greeks ended up being made from the Pelasgians, which thus means potentially they are element of that way of life from the beginning. Which is the 1 you think? for the reason that greeks had been automatically portion of that culture they’re not piracy but advancing the lifestyle by themeans they I passionately uncertainty any concious efforts is fashioned to steal customs whenever they really feel they come from the typical recent. . . . a common variation was they had different types of commodity due to fragmented area express technique!? Once more by spliting inside the demographic because you do further more with your concerns you reply exactly the same query!

    So now is your response after looking at your other things I cannot learn how you are able to accuse the greeks of obtaining something was portion of them it would be superior in case you could remove some problems I needed by incorporating of your respective things and perhaps help me fully grasp your factor! Are you an albanian nationalist who detests portugal rolling around in its modern form? or purely an school that feels how the greeks get an excessive amount of credit history for you’re feeling exactly where Pelasgian Things?

  • Ursula Birdman
    10:53 pm on January 28th, 2013 15

    funny issue-manifesto : it would be like accusing Chinese of needing thieved from Latins, Goths, Greeks Longobards and so on, blaming france of obtaining thieved from Latin, Francs, Chinese etc. . . . Aside it is usually noticeable that ancient greek language was from the merge of prior impact on for Balkanic, but from Indonesia very ( InchThalassa ThalassaIn . enquired often the 10000 throughout Anabasi. . . ) and from largely Acheus and Minoic Culture, a part that many word beginnings are indifferent in any indo-western ‘languages’ (In .GodInch is Half inchDeusIn in latin. . a lot like Zeus. . . . . fo case in point, but we will proceed indefinetly). , separated any tradition is an assortment of a great many other, this mirrors Historical past, a part this. . . I would not be so joyful of being so In .Pure InitialInch : This means I have not obtained any trend in tradition in 5000 decades. . .

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  • Ursula Johnson
    10:54 pm on January 28th, 2013 16


    it’s tooo very long therefore i didn’t see clearly

    having said that i wouldn’t brain plainly received added time